Happy Wolf Children's T-Shirt

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Happy Wolf Children's T-Shirt

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Celebrate the lupine brotherhood in the Happy Wolf T-Shirt from The Mountain. The wolf is one of the most widely researched animals, given its long association with humans--either as a feared livestock predator or desired spirit guide. The colors in our wolf tee are as numerous as the beliefs about these special animals. From being revered as a deity in Japanese and Norse mythologies to depicted as a grandmother-eating Big Bad Wolf, the wolf has inspired countless myths and legends throughout history. Fight the stereotype. Be bold. Be brilliant. Be happy in your wolf tee.

Our artist dean Russo draws inspiration from the urban landscape of his native Brooklyn, New York and his love for wildlife to create truly unique artwork known for its brilliant colors and bold abstract designs of mesmerizing shapes and symbols. Through his designs, Dean strives to communicate a message that encourages people to wildlife conservation, to acknowledge the worldwide failure of animal protection and to combat illegal hunting and poaching around the world.


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