Apache Warrior T-Shirt

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Apache Warrior T-Shirt

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The Apache, a large tribe dating back to the 1500s, were known for being powerful, brave and aggressive. Likewise, as fast, mobile, stealthy battle machines, several piston-powered whirlybirds--for example, the AH-64 Apache, AH-56 Cheyenne, OH-58 Kiowa, the H-13 Sioux and not one, but two Blackhawks--have been named to honor the combat spirit of Native American warriors. Beginning in 1959, it became unofficial Army policy to name attack aircraft for tribes noted for their martial prowess. Army Material Command actually gets approval from Native American tribes before naming new aircraft. Many pilots carry honor feathers or tokens from the namesake tribe in their cockpits. Honor this deep tradition in your Apache Warrior T-Shirt from The Mountain.


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