Fishing Lesson T-Shirt

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Fishing Lesson T-Shirt

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On days when salmon are migrating in the river, a large and dominant male bear will catch and eat more than 30 fish per day. Smaller, lesser-skilled bears typically catch and eat far fewer fish. But not this cub. Today is a teaching day, and Mama's teaching her boy how to fish. On The Mountain's beautifully designed Fishing Lesson T-Shirt, we see the cub learning how to catch the spawning salmon as they leap to the next level of the stream. There the two will gorge in order to put on enough fat to survive the winter hibernation. We know that without the salmon, the bears will suffer in the wild. And without this bear tee, you will be unable to say you share all that is fascinating and awesome and wonderful about the wilderness. Support our earth like a mother bear protects her cubs. It's a lesson for all ages.


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