Golden Feather T-Shirt

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Golden Feather T-Shirt

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Two significant Native American totems combine in the Golden Feather T-Shirt from The Mountain: the wolf and the golden feather. Experience the strength of the wolf, which symbolizes intelligence, intuition and a passion for freedom. Wild at heart, the wolf invites you to explore a truer manifestation of yourself. The might of this spirit animal is so strong that it holds a golden feather-another totem with extreme significance. Because its symbolic meaning is similar to that of the wolf-strength, freedom, wisdom and more-the golden feather is aptly bestowed to the wolf. And this honor, according to Native American legend, means you have received the highest of rewards from the tribe. And since it is unlikely that anyone is going to give you a golden feather, no matter how deserving you are, why not get our Golden Feather tee? You'll soon discover it's better than gold itself.


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