Lights Reindeer T-Shirt

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Lights Reindeer T-Shirt

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Okay, we give. This kid is constantly making our boy Rudolf work for his money. I mean jeez, the antlers too? How's a holiday icon gonna compete with that? And those flippin' lights are pastel no less, which means he's got more than a little originality going on. We are concerned here at The Mountain. Very concerned. If Santa catches this little guy's holiday enthusiasm, we may have to have "the conversation" with Rudolf. Maybe it's time for him to sit one out. What else can we do? Even if you're a reindeer purist, you've gotta appreciate the spunk we're seeing here. We all know how hard it is to get a first job. Why not get a Lights Reindeer T-Shirt and help this kiddo break into the business? We'll make sure Rudolf is well cared for in his golden years.


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